Joshua Bam


Richland, WA

Phone: 509-380-9102

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About Joshua Bam


Joshua Bam
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Joshua Bam is a native South African who began his career at the Center for the Study of Mergers and Acquisitions before moving into private practice in Seattle and Tri-Cities, Washington.

Josh has closed private equity deals by working with companies to propose SAFE, debt, or other equity instruments to raise funds under 506 or otherwise. His practice also includes mergers and acquisitions and purchase and sales of real estate. He works with construction companies and developers to protect their rights, establish community properties (like condominiums or HOAs), and develop lien management systems.

Josh usually works as outside in-house counsel as part of a cross-functional team focused on industry best practices and out-of-the-box thinking that drives sales and generates value. Josh helps businesses raise funds, take products to market, close software and licensing deals, sell their business, buy new business, and work internationally among other commercial and business transactions.

Josh also works with cannabis law, nonprofit law, smart contracts, blockchain startups & NFTs, and restaurant/liquor licensing. He has helped hundreds of businesses accelerate and protect their business by integrating world-class legal thinking with first-class business strategies.